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Creating a Stunning Look with Replacement Flooring in Seattle, WA

The Johnson family of Seattle, WA had recently purchased an old home that needed improvements. To start the renovations, they decided to invest in remodeling the floors. They needed a flooring specialist who could help create a cohesive and aesthetic look throughout the Johnson family’s home, including their garage.

To get the job done, the Johnson family contacted New Floors USA, Seattle’s #1 replacement flooring specialist. New Floors USA is dedicated to matching customers’ aesthetic desires with the best flooring options from trusted manufacturers. After getting a free estimate from New Floors USA, the Johnson family decided to invest in replacement flooring for their home.

Integrating Different Spaces with New Floors USA

New Floors USA helped the Johnson family tackle the replacement flooring project in several stages. For the first stage of the project, the team installed new flooring and tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and foyer to create a unified look.

New Floors USA then moved on to the bedroom and living room, replacing the outdated vinyl and laminate flooring with varieties chosen by the Johnson family.

To complete the job, the team installed new floors in the garage. This was an especially tedious task since the Johnson family wanted a glossy finish to perfectly match the house’s new aesthetic. Utilizing their immense experience and expertise, the team from New Floors USA was able to seamlessly integrate the garage’s floor into the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

Impressed by New Floors USA’s Quality and Service

The Johnson family was impressed with the quality of service and craftsmanship provided by New Floors USA. When the replacement flooring project was done, the Johnson family had flooring throughout the house that was stylish, cohesive, and utterly stunning.

Project Summary

The team at New Floors USA also took extra steps to ensure that the Johnson family was happy with the results of their replacement flooring project. This included double-checking their work and offering solutions to any questions or issues the Johnson family had. It was this attention to detail and personalized approach that made New Floors USA the ideal company to lay new floors in the Johnson family’s home.

  • Dedicated to combining customer aesthetic desires with the best flooring options.
  • Installed flooring and tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and foyer.
  • Replaced vinyl and laminate flooring in the bedroom and living room.
  • Installed new floors to integrate the garage into the house’s aesthetic.
  • Double-checked their work and offered solutions for any post-installation questions or issues.

Call New Floors USA for Replacement Flooring in Seattle, WA

If you need floor replacement in Seattle, WA, give New Floors USA a call and ask for a free estimate. Just dial (800) 850-8183 or visit the company’s website for more information. Through their quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized approach, New Floors USA is sure to fulfill any of your flooring needs.

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